Welcome to the Friends of CML Bookstore

Located inside Clark Memorial Library and open during regular library hours.

Sponsored by Friends of Clark Memorial Library and managed by library volunteers, Clarkdale’s only bookstore represents a true partnership of the community, the library and Friends of CML.  When the Yavapai County Free Library District reopened Clark Memorial Library (CML) a space was allotted to Friends of CML to operate a bookstore.  Volunteers David Perrell and Frank Lombardo promptly constructed custom shelving to display as many books as possible. 

Volunteers Carol Cain and Therese Hearn stocked these shelves with 36 genres—around a thousand titles in all.  Thanks to the generosity of library lovers throughout the Verde Valley, Friends of CML sells the many books and other items, like DVDs, audio books and record albums that have been donated to help support CML.  Book Manager Linda Dettman refreshes the collection as books are purchased by library patrons.

Finding what you’re looking for…

Fiction and other literary genres are on the south (left) wall.

(from top down, left to right) Science fiction, fantasy, myth, & horror • Humor • Mysteries & thrillers • Poetry • Classic literature, all genres, including drama • Contemporary mainstream novels • Short stories, essays, & condensed novels • Romance novels, including romantic mysteries & thrillers.

(Fiction is shelved alphabetically by author.)

Children’s and Young Adult literature (fiction and non-fiction) are under the west window.

Non-Fiction is on the north (right) wall.

Biography, memoirs, & true tales • Education & social science • Finance & business, including legal & career advice • Gardening & landscape • Health & fitness • Hard science, from astronomy through physics, including mechanics & transportation • Natural science, from anthropology to zoology • Alternate science research & theories • History & geography • Philosophy & religion • Political commentary & civics • Spiritual health & self-improvement • Sports, games, & wilderness survival • Southwest themed books, all genres, including Native American culture & history • Writing & composition w/dictionaries.

(Non-fiction is shelved by category as best we can manage, then by author.)

Various arts and skills are displayed on the center island.

Architecture, interior design, & home improvement • Art crafts, including sewing & woodworking • Fine arts & photography • Music • Foreign languages • Travel guides & commentary • Oversized non-fiction.

Cookbooks & household management, including etiquette, are on the east wall (to the right of the doorway).

Books sold are replaced frequently to give patrons more access to the vast quantity in storage.  If you see your genre, but not the specific title or sub-category you want, please leave us a note with the Library Coordinator or email us at Info@friendsofcml.org

Cartons of books from our storage unit can be brought in by appointment, and you can browse through them. Friends of CML wants you to find the books you want because your purchases help fund new library material acquisitions and library programs. 

Have books to donate? Please note…

The Yavapai County Free Library District’s Network offers some 1.3 million titles, and all new acquisitions to its collection must be cataloged, which is a labor-intensive activity. The Network’s criteria for accepting donated materials are quite stringent. Most donations will go to the Friends of CML Bookstore or be stored for sale in the future.  Because the Friends of CML Bookstore is quite small and our storage unit is often overflowing with donated books, please ask the Library Coordinator if Friends of CML is accepting book donations or feel free to email us at Info@friendsofcml.org to find out if we have room for displaying or storing new donations.

Some genres are over-represented by like-new copies of name authors (especially mysteries and romance novels), and we’re too well supplied in some non-fiction categories (especially cookbooks, health & fitness, and self-improvement). Those books that don’t sell within a reasonable time period may be targeted for Bag-a-Bargain sales. If they don’t sell and can’t be passed on to other charitable outlets such donations will ultimately have to be discarded.

The more books you buy to enjoy yourself, share with family and friends, or give as gifts, the more new titles and programs CML will be able to offer the community. All proceeds from the Friends of CML Bookstore go to supporting CML’s ongoing operations and acquisitions.

Friends of Clark Memorial Library is an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) Arizona non-profit corporation dedicated to the financial support of Clark Memorial Library. Friends of CML is committed to raising funds for to pay for all of CML’s library materials (all new books, newspapers and periodicals, DVDs, Blu-Ray videos, audio books and similar items) and to support CML’s programs and activities.
To make a donation, click the button below to use your credit/debit card, or mail a check to: Friends of Clark Memorial Library, P.O. Box 301, Clarkdale, AZ 86324

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