…to caring Friends of Clark Memorial Library who gave time, goods, and money to help ensure our library’s re-opening and continued operation:

Charlotte Acker
Anita Allen
Gabby Amorelli
Barbara Andre
Betsy Andrews
David Andrews
Michele Bachman
Paul & Mary Babbitt
Craig Backus
Irene Bailey
Jo & Tommie Bain
Joseph Bauer
Margie & Dave Beach
Kathy A. Becker
Jennifer Bell
Don & Tricia Belousek
Mary Blair
Curt & Winifred Bohall (In Memoriam)
Dan & Mary Bohall
Chris Bondurant
Chris Boothe
Wayne Boren
Blythe Bowers
Kimberly Boxer
Sandra Breach
Jim Brown
Diane Bugay
Carol Cain
Carl Campio
Patricia Max & Dale Carstensen
Lara Cawley
Theresa Chavez
Ronald J. Clark
Rosemary Coleman
Melinda Collis
Anne K Conlin
John Nichols & Judy Daniels
Deborah Darby
Charlene Day
Sharon DeRosier
Linda Dettman
Robert DeVault
Bryan Dickison
Ellie Diercksmeier
Dr. Phil Dirksen
Nina Dove
Connie Gilmore & Michael Durgain
Jim & Marcy Elmer
Jenny Emminger
John & Isabel Erickson
Jane Feinstein
Leonard Filner
Kathleen Fleenor
Shirley Froehlich
Dave Gallahue
Rita George
Nancy Gonnoud
Susan Grace
Mary Gray
Paul Green
Linda Grieser
Curt Griggs
Mary Lou Grijalva
Libby Grutza
Dani Gutzwiller

Ardis Harsche
Charlotte Hawken
Therese Hearn
Carrie Heisinger
Breanna Faye Helfert
George & Louella Hext
James Holladay
Jim Holland
Cindy Hoover
Stephen Imms
Marti Inman
Kathy Ivey
Rose & Walter Johnson
Kymm Jozwiak
Mary Lou Kantz Evans
John Kinnamon
Bernard R. Kling
Cindy Knipple
Ronda Kokowicz
Michael Krokosz
Tom Kurry
Marguerite Lauri
Sashea Lavender
Ginna Buchanan & Anton Lenenberger
Linda Leverette
Mary Liggit
Michael J. Linder
Edith Lindner
Ed Loesche
Frank Lombardo
Ken Lorenzo
Beverly Luce
Victoria Luevan
Edmond & Pat Lyons
Carole Mackler
Cynthia Malla
Jackie Manganelli
Richard May
Ann Rogers Mealy
Sybil Malinowski Melody
Marcia Messier
Ann Metlay
Andrea Meye
Joyce Richards & Bernie Molaskey
Anthony Montiel
Glen E. & Pam Moore
Joy Mosley
Mary Nordstrom
Timothy & Jean Oleschager
Bob Oliphant
Lisa O'Neill
Paul Peck
Memi Perkins
David Perrell
Jeanine Peterson
Ray Goff & Lynda Pierce
Susan & Richard Pitcairn
Marie L. Plenzick
Clifford C Pollay
Nancy Pollay
Scott Price

Clarence Ray
Janet Regner
Evelyn Renner
Brenda Reynolds
Mary F Ricca
Ron & Ruthie Richie
Faith Roberts
Carol L. Rowley
Ryan Russell
Renee Sabato
James Salmon
Sheila Sandusky
Peg Sarkisian
William Scales
Mark Schiebl
Cass Schorsch
Brenda Schriver
Marylyn Schumacher
Ana Scott
Charles Seiverd
Bev Sesow
Theresa Settembrino
Elizabeth Sexton
Marcia Shanahan
Gene Shaver
Susan Verby & James Sheehan
Cynthia Slack
Barbara Sonheim
Lynda Steele
John Stevenson
Diana Stipek
Cynthia Strom
Larry & Electra Strubhar
Maria Tester
Naomi Thede
Cindy Thomas
Kevin Thomas
James Tomlinson
Phil Tovrea
Mark Tufte
Verde Valley Manor
Ann Viarengo
Donna Wall
Phyllis Webb
Suzie Welburn
Dr. Marshall Whitmire
Ruth Wicks
Robert Wittkowski
Cleo Wombacher
Trish Wood
Helen Wood
Gail & Tom Worden
Lisa Wright

…and to those generous contributors who chose not to be publicly acknowledged.

Thanks also to the corporate donors who have supported the Friends of CML:

#1 Sandwich Shop
Bookmarks-Friends of Cottonwood Library
Clarkdale Dollar General
Clarkdale-Jerome Lions Club
Cottonwood Safeway
The Earl and Ellie Bauer Family Trust
Friends of Sedona Library
WC Snyder Limited Partnership

Special thanks to the annual corporate donors that support CML:

Friends of Clark Memorial Library is an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) Arizona non-profit corporation dedicated to the financial support of Clark Memorial Library. Friends of CML is committed to raising funds for to pay for all of CML’s library materials (all new books, newspapers and periodicals, DVDs, Blu-Ray videos, audio books and similar items) and to support CML’s programs and activities.
To make a donation, click the button below to use your credit/debit card, or mail a check to: Friends of Clark Memorial Library, P.O. Box 301, Clarkdale, AZ 86324

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